Phone Sex with Lauren
Hi everyone, My name is Lauren and I want to be your phone sex princess...... I am married and yes my husband knows I do this, He can't satisfy the need in me to pleasure and to be pleasured.... so I do what I do to make that pleasure a reality. There is nothing to be embarrassed or guilty about...unless you have some deep dark secret.."wink" When we talk you will be my focus, your desires, fantasies, and secrets.
Do you look at me and wonder what I would be like in bed? Do you imagine doing every secret fantasy with me? I may be older than some of the ladies here but I'm not old by any means. Sometimes you need a woman that has a bit of experience, some knowledge in the bedroom and knows how to get under a man's skin. I am that woman, I'm a Milf, a mother, and a kinky woman willing to do whatever it takes for pleasure.
I've got full round breasts that are just begging for your mouth and hands. Long legs to wrap around you, and a body that can give you the ultimate pleasure. I love getting all dressed up in lace and silky stockings dressed to fulfill your fantasies and desires. My voice will seduce you, you will hear me in your head telling you how to stroke, when to stroke and when to let that release cum. I love all kinds of role plays, fetish's and kinky habits. Nothing you ask of me will be denied. From Tickling, foot play, mind control, kinky fetish's, dress up or just an old fashioned blow job. They all make me wet and hot. I would love to get to know you, your fantasy or fetish and what makes you cum. The ultimate orgasm is what I'm after with you.....
What are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and call me and surround yourself with my voice and give in to your desires, no matter what they are! Let's see where we can take this.....
I'm waiting for you!
  AIM: MilfLauren
Yahoo: HotMilfLauren