Phone Sex with Ariel

Hello, my lovelies. My name is Ariel, and I will be your phone sex goddess for the remainder of your day. ;-)

Seriously, I am so lonely and am in dire need of some intimate company. Oh hell, who am I kidding? I need to be fucked and penetrated right now! My husband spends months away from home traveling the world as a photographer, and he never has anytime for me. So here I am, a naughty little phone sex slut seeking your attention and yearning to do whatever it is that you desire. I want to shower you with mounds of sexual gratification until I have squeezed every last drop of your delicious, mouth-filling jizz out of you. I want to explore our deepest desires and naughtiest inhibitions together!

I must be made to feel like I am your wicked little phone sex whore that was put on this Earth to serve you. I want to satisfy your every fantasy, your every fetish. I will do whatever I must to make you cum, my King...or NOT allow you to cum, if you so wish, my little sissy bitch! I am whoever you want me to be.

Expose to me your erotic thoughts, sweetness. Tell me, what will it take to make you cum for me?

  • Girl on Girl, 3-somes, Orgies
  • Cuckolding
  • Sloppy Facials/Bukake
  • Potty Play
  • BDSM/Mistress/Master/Slave
  • Face-sitting
  • Ass Rimming/Pounding/Worshipping
  • Cross-dressing/Strap-on
  • High heels/Stockings/Feet
  • Squirting
  • Spanking/Paddling/Flogging/Whipping
  • Humiliation
  • Pussy/Ass Fisting
  • Ultimate Taboos
  • 2-Girl Phone Sex (Yes, sexy! This option is available to you!)

That's just the tip of the iceberg, you deviant delight. I bet that you may even have something kinkier awaiting this dirty phone sex Jezebel when you call, don't you? I'm already squirming around in my delicate moist panties as I wait in anticipation. I'm having such a hard time keeping my fingers away from the soft, fleshy pink folds of my sweet, fragrant pussy. Would you like a taste of my honey nectar that's now dripping down my soft, plump pussy lips? You'll have to CUM closer to me if you'd like to suckle the ambrosial juices from my tender fingers. ;-)

I have a ferocious appetite to satisfy your every erotic fantasy and whim. Share with me your deepest, darkest desires; the ones that you cannot share with anyone else. It will be okay because I won't judge you. We can talk about ANYTHING you want, honey; I have no limits and no taboos. I will do all that you require of me until your steamy hot jizz is squirting uncontrollably! I shall lap it off of the floor for you and thank you for allowing me a taste of your ejaculate, if you so please.

We all possess mysterious pleasures, and what an indulgence it is to explore those pleasures together in a safe, secure environment with a discreet phone sex goddess. Guys, and ladies, as well, pick up your phone and CUM to me...let's role play, baby. I am here to serve you. If it's me that you want, be sure to ask for Ariel, and I'll keep you CUMMING back for more and more! :-)

Hmmm...face down, ass up, is that the way you like to fuck? ;-)
  AIM: NaughtyAriel4U
Yahoo: NaughtyAriel4u

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