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Hey guys I’m Paige and I would love to tell you a few of my dirty secrets.  I’m married and have been married to the same man for quite some time.  I never knew how bad he was in bed until I fucked his brother, and man oh man did it awaken me sexually!  Now when I’m in public I can’t help but to notice a hot guy and wonder what it would be like to fuck him, and sometimes I do.  My kinky side really loves the idea of fucking in a public place where I may be caught by someone.  The idea of my husband catching me really gets my pussy wet!  If he only new all the men I’ve had in his house, fucked in his chair, and in his bed, and that our son is really his brothers he would be devastated.  I love bringing strange men home and fucking them senseless right under his nose!  He travels a lot on business and with my newly awakened sexual appetite there is no way he could ever possibly keep up or keep it up for that matter to satisfy me.  I like to be fucked hard and often whenever and wherever I can be it I bring you back home or in a public place this horny MILF is always on the prowl!  Oh and did I mention my tongue piercing?  Just think about all of the wonderful things I can do to your cock just by swirling my tongue around it!  My husband never understood when I got it pierced, but that’s because he didn’t know about all of the cock I’d been sucking behind his back.  There is nothing that pleases me more than getting down on my knees and showing you what a horny MILF cocksucker I am!  If you have a hard cock, and are up for some fun call me for the hottest cheating wife MILF phone sex you will ever have!

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