Phone Sex with Mikayla

Hello Men,

My name is Mikayla, I am a No Limits phone sex  goddess. I enjoy a wide range of fetish's, and always enjoy trying new ones. I am married, but to put it simply the sex is terrible, He is simply my human ATM with the pleasure of my company on a more regular basis. However this is still our dirty little secret. I am well aware of my assets and what/where they can get me. I enjoy having a man eye fuck me as I walk by, I know what you men want from me.
  • Submissive: I enjoy a wide variety of submissive on occasion. Such as Family Fun, Role Play, Impregnation, and Cheating Wife or course much more I could possibly list.
  • Dominant: What I enjoy most is A variety of domination. Financial Domination, Blackmail, humiliation, Goddess Worship, Cuckold, and naturally anything I may not have listed is an option.
Whether you enjoy me to be Submissive orDominant, I do expect to be spoiled. And I am not a mind reader, you will need to tell me how you want to play. There is nothing you can say that will surprise me or not interest me in some way.

  • So on that note, Call Me and lets have some fun shall we, And ask for Mikayla.

  AIM: Frisky_Mikayla
Yahoo: FriskyMikaylaxo