Phone Sex with Kirsten
My friends call me Miss Kirsten, or if I am in a good mood, Miss K. Im
sure you don’t want to find out what I have them call me when I’m
upset. ;)

I’m not your average weak minded hookup, found sloppily hanging around
bars. With my calm voice and penetrating understanding, I often take
charge in a situation. I think looking professional is more than just
an after thought, I pride myself on my collection of heels, thigh highs
and pencil skirts, if you ask nicely, maybe you can hear about them.

To put it directly, I enjoy men who please me, and they enjoy the
process. It’s the simple truth. What pleases me the most is hearing
your secret fantasies. I offer you the freedom to explore your deepest
and kinkiest thoughts and desires. Would you like a foul mouthed cunt
to fuck you in the ass with her giant black strap-on? How about some
bondage and tickle torture? Or maybe one of my favorites...humiliation
in any form.

If this is what you desire and you embody respectful behavior, then
give me a call and I'll take it from there.

What gets me wet: Sensual Domination Phone Sex, Pegging, Cuckold,
Bondage and Torture, MILF, and anything extreme.

  AIM: KinkyKirstenXXX
Yahoo: KinkyKirstenXXX

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