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It's so hard to be a good wife when your husband is away more then he is home. I tried at first, always waiting patiently for him and doing everything to please him. But then I realized that without a nice hard cock to please me I was going crazy.
It started out innocently enough. The cable man came for a service call and we made our own pay-per-view event right there on the living room floor. From there I just got hornier and hotter. That sexy teenager next door who mows the lawn, he loves it when I lay by the pool topless. It's a wonder he hasn't failed school yet with all the extra-curricular activities going on in my backyard!
Well my hubby got wise and he just didn't seem to understand. So....I booted his happy ass out the door and got me nice little cuckold boyfriend. Yes indeed, that is exactly what I did. Now he understands my need for dick and is content to eat my fresh cream pie and sit on the sidelines to watch.
Maybe you'd like to be that guy, pounding my nice tight pussy while my hubby watches. Or the service man, who's making a "house call" to take care of my every need. Trust me, when you get a taste of this sweet secret you'll be begging for more!
Turn ons: A confident man who is willing to explore every fantasy he has without being shy. Tell me what you like, we'll never know until we try!
Turn off: Men who hang up without a "goodbye".
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