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Hello, my name is Dahlia. I am an tall English rose who has spent the better part of her adult life living in North America. I stand at 5 foot 10 and have a soft British accent that men just go crazy over. I must confess to having a sweet tooth for American men. I even married a couple. Of course, they both had little accidents and are no longer with us now. I guess you could call me the Merry Widow or as some of the gossipers in the last town I lived in, The Black Widow. They were all just jealous of me and that’s ok; I am use to turning heads. Men just love my super long legs, great tits and thick, chestnut brown hair. I know I look too young to be a widow x2 and why should a gorgeous vixen, like me, wear black and wallow in sadness when I can mingle and drive all the blokes crazy??

I am a class act and I am the one calling the shots in my life and ultimately yours. I love big cock and always cheated on my husbands but I cannot tolerate men with poor manners. I also am very picky on which men I will allow the pleasure of getting inside me. If you are wondering if you have a shot at having sex with me I must tell you that most men end up being my toys, not my lovers. Dont worry. I will let you watch, if you are a very good boy.  I know that lots of men love to watch hot women getting shagged so dont pout. Its not very attractive. For those of you who are confident and good at giving women pleasure, I dont like waiting. I am not a submissive woman and by nature, I can be quite demanding. If you make me cum once you will be making me cum, over and over again. You have no choice. I am insatiable.

I also loved to be worshipped and am a fetish Queen. I wear stockings and the tallest high heels to provoke your lust. Do you want to drop to your knees for the foot fetish tease of your life? Of course, you do. Do you crave my arse on your hungry face? Of course, you do. I adore face sitting because it makes me feel sexy and powerful. Plus, I get off in that position, rather effortlessly. I am all about being pampered and am use to men clamouring for my attention. I dress like a lady and my underthings are often vintage like girdles, corsets and suspenders. Women have forgotten the art of dressing sexy and leaving a little something to the imagination. Dont you agree? How can you tease a man properly if all your best bits are hanging out or your in trashy, walmart, lingerie? Ick. Think burlesque, not stripper. I like leaving you wanting more. 

I am a vivacious sexpot and men adore me so why shouldn’t I reap the benefits of being in my sexual prime, darling? My tastes run from sensual to down right controlling. I really get off on sensual foreplay, high heel and leg worship, girl on girl action (I love women), pussy worship, domination, fetish phone sex, erotic conversations, gfe fantasies, silk stockings, corsets, silk gloves, 69ing, strap on play, cock control, cock teasing, cuckolding, erotic bondage, vintage lingerie, feminization, female boss and employee fantasies etc…Lets play soon, xoxoxox!!
  AIM: merrywidowdahlia
Yahoo: merrywidowdahlia

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