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Hello boys. MY name is Cassidy, and as much as I believe we all need physical love. It's no surprise to me that most relationships don't last forever, but that doesn't mean that the sex has to stop. After my husband got to busy with business trips, and meetings and God know what else, I decided to take control of my sex life and look else where. The first deviant thing this seemingly sweet girl did, was put an add out for a man to strictly have an affair with. After many replies, I had my pick of the crop, and chose a tall handsome Italian man who totally rocked my world in a way my husband has never been able to. He introduced me to many things outside of the normal vanilla I was used to, and so I decided to seek out more men with more, shall we say, outlandish needs and desires. I became a master at orgasm control, dabbled in cbt and even found a devilishly daring man to worship my feet and legs. He would lick each and every one of my toes, up to my thighs and then beg me to let him cum. Mrs. Cassidy would always say no! I guess you could say I grew power hungry, and continued on my search. The more daring the fetish, the better! And the best part is, my dear husband is none the wiser. Sure, I've had some close calls, but he's never caught on that his pretty little housewife who is there at the door to greet him when he comes home, and hang on his arm at a boring company party is a true freak! I love my double life, and wouldn't trade it at this point for anything. There are so many girls that do phone sex, and so many places you could go to get sex.. Your girlfriend, your wife, a random girl from the bar, but once you realize that their sex is no where close to what it is when you're with me, you'll be busting down my door to be my king! Why deny your desire for my hot wet pussy and tight fuckable body? You can have me right now, honey. And it just won't get kinkier than this! -Cassidy
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