Phone Sex with Brenda
Hi guys. My name is Brenda and I'm newly single and pregnant with twins. I was always super horny even before I got pregnant but now it seems that my juicy pink pussy is dripping wet 24/7. I just can't seem to keep my hands off of myself and it would be soo much more fun if I had someone to play with. I have lots of toys and I get soo loud when I cum, it just seems like my orgasms are so much stronger now and it's incredible. I don't have any limits and we can do anything you want. I can be your teasing little slut that you get pregnant, or your hot neighbor and you can watch my cute little tummy swell with your baby. I like, potty play, forced, hot roleplays that are too taboo for me to mention here, impregnation phone sex, or even ones where I'm not pregnant. We can do anything at all that you want as long as it ends with you cumming nice and hard for me...Kisses, Brenda
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