Humiliation Phone Sex with Ruth

Some men are born on this earth to wield all the power and privilege that their station gives them. These men walk with confidence and a strong air of pride, knowing that they can have the women they want and that other men are not going to challenge them. And then there’s you, sweetheart, isn’t there? You, the sorry worm of a boy who calls me for humiliation phone sex because that’s the only thing that can get your pathetic little pecker going anymore.

humiliation phone sex

You call me because listening to me laugh gets your sick little balls all twisted up in a horny little knot, isn’t that right, sweetheart? Don’t bother denying it! You know it’s true, I know it’s true, everyone who’s ever has a peek in your pants knows it’s true. That skinny little screwdriver is certainly not the tool to do any job properly and you’ve always known it. You just need a big bad bitch like me to tell you all about it- and that’s so fucking sad I can’t even begin to tell you all the farkakte ways that makes you not even worthy of my time.

Even when I’m in control and listening to you try to please me jerking on your sad little stick, you can’t satisfy a full-fledged woman like me, sweetheart. Your eager boy bells get to jingling and meanwhile my lovely lady parts are still waiting for proper worship. Perhaps if you please me with a good little show I might let you cum, laughing the whole time at the little bald soldier you keep waving around at me. That little helmet head is so eager to go off you’re practically a one-pump chump! And how much fun to make you do it right in front of the window, spraying those white streaks all over for your neighbors to see.

Admit it, everything here is so disgustingly embarrassing and so much temptation, sweetheart, you can’t wait to call Ruth at 1 888 474 6769 for some humiliation phone sex!

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Cuckold Fantasies with Beth

So you’ve got a useless little dick – so what? That doesn’t meant we can’t work with it. Well, maybe we can’t work with that teeny weeny, but I think we can work with the situation. Maybe instead you need to call me and dive into some nasty cuckold fantasies. Fantasies where we change your role in the bedroom, turn you into the cum cleaner, the pussy pleaser, and the voyeur in the corner. You’re going to have that mini dick fitted and put into a steel chastity cage, and I will keep the key. Then you will sit quietly and watch while I get plowed by a hugely hung bull daddy stud, feeling pain every time your little dicky tries to get hard. Then, when he cums all those hot quarts inside of me, you get to clean up all of that superior jizz that drips out. You are what you eat, therefore you get to eat the cream pie, cream puff.

cuckold fantasies

The fun doesn’t just end there when playing with cuckold fantasies. My big bull daddy stud is going to show you up close and personal exactly how a well-hung man can satisfy a horny, ravenous woman like me. I want you on your back, on the bed, face between my legs while bull daddy takes me from behind. I want you to watch closely, see how much a huge cock like that stretches me out and drives me completely insane. If you’re a good little cuck, I might let you lick my pussy juices off his hard cock and big balls as they slide in and out. Of course I want you there to catch his delicious, creamy cum as it drips out of my pussy and onto your face. The cleanup job is always yours, so make sure you do it well and maybe I’ll let you out of that cage to milk you when you’re done. But only if you’re good and clean up every drop!!

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BBC Phone Sex with CJ

Lately it seems I never see my husband. I don’t miss him, though, to be honest. I don’t miss him because it just means that I have more time to have some fun. What kind of fun, you ask? The kind that involves a big, beefy black cock.With the amount of time my husband is away from home, i often wonder if I am still married. I was innocent, sweet and naive when I married him. I didn’t even know what I was missing, that is until I became a BBC phone sex slut.

BBC phone sex

Don’t get it twisted baby, I deserve to be spoiled, and i definitely deserve whatever I want. My husband, he’s just par for the course and doesn’t meet my meaty size queen expectations. Instead the most he gets is a nice black creampie meal when I allow him to sit in on one of my bbc phone sex sessions.

That saying about how once you go black you don’t go back is so true! I mean, I got my cunt fucked so hard it was gaping open with cum, and nothing else compares. Unless, you have a big, thick, beefy cock, nothing can pleasure this insatiable appetite for bbc phone sex.

If you had asked me a year ago, I would have told you my husband was all I needed.I was so young, and naive. Let’s be honest, black cock is the best kind on the market. It’s undeniable that any other kind just won’t do. So, my husband is my cuckold house bitch while I get the pleasure I deserve in my black lover’s arms. I know that you are growing more and more curious now aren’t you? Did you think I didn’t notice the flagpole rising in your pants? It will be more than rising when you call 1 888 474 6769, and ask for CJ, your BBC phone sex slut.

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Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Remy

Small penis humiliation phone sex makes me smile from ear to ear! Does that make me a sadist? Possibly, but I focus my attention on those poor fellows who have average or tiny pricks.  After a long hard day dealing with all kinds of stress, it is so nice to take all my pent up aggression out on those men who are phallicly challenged.

small penis humiliation phone sex

By now most men with tiny cocks should be used to such treatment, but I want to take it to a whole new level.   I am sure they are used to a certain amount of laughter when it is time to get naked with a new woman.  I mean, who could help but laugh really?  Seriously, who wouldn’t laugh at something that tiny, cute and miniature?  I bet it even produces a giggle from the most polite women.  Well, I am not one of those polite women — when I see a wee cock when I am expecting to get fucked it just makes me furious.  Here I am, ready to go at it and get really railed and he doesn’t have the proper equipment to do it.  There is no way I will be polite and hide my complete frustration.  I will let him have it with both barrels.  How can a man look at a fine sexy woman like me and think I would be satisfied with anything less than a 9 inch cock.  Women like me need to be stretched out and used like a big cock whore.  Anyone who tells a man differently is not doing him a favor.  I will do you a favor, call me for small penis humiliation phone sex and let me do you the favor of telling you how the world really works.

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Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Patty

Holy shit! You don’t really think that your tiny little dick could satisfy me, do you? I mean, you seem sort of proud of it for some reason, but I have no idea why. That thing isn’t good enough for anything except small penis humiliation phone sex.

small penis humiliation phone sex

It’s really no shock to me that you’ve never been married. You haven’t even been able to keep a girlfriend. As soon as they see you naked, they run for the hills. If they are anything like me, I am pretty sure they’d rather fuck themselves with a dildo for the rest of their lives than let you anywhere near them with that tiny dick. It’s really a pathetic excuse for a dick. I think what you need to admit to yourself that you aren’t good enough for anything except small penis humiliation phone sex. I mean, you ended up here on this page for a reason. I think you already know deep down that it’s the only thing I’d ever talk to you about.

I want to hear all about your small penis humiliation experiences. How old were you when a girl laughed at your for the first time? You were probably 18 and naked in front of a girl for the first time. You had no idea at that point that your dick was on the small side, but it didn’t take her long to tell you, did it? Did she laugh? Maybe she even let you have sex with her out of pity, but I’m sure she giggled the whole time.

Are you ready to be laughed at some more? Call me now for small penis humiliation phone sex at 1 888 474 6769 and ask to talk to Patty. I can’t wait to make you feel like the loser you totally are!

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Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Remy

Small penis humiliation phone sex makes me smile from ear to ear!  After a long hard day dealing with all kinds of stress, it is so nice to take all my pent up aggression out on those men who are phallicly challenged.  By now most men with tiny cocks should be used to such treatment, but I want to take it to a whole new level.  I want to change the way they see the world, and its really for their benefit.

small penis humiliation phone sex

This world is made for big cock.  Guys who are hung never have to work for anything.  They don’t have to be good at anything.  They get all the pussy they want and then some.  They always have money, but they never really have to work for it.  It is a charmed life, when you are a tripod.  But life is not so magical for your fellas with a wee prick.  You better study and get a good job because you will NEVER even have a chance to be with a hot woman unless you got some money in your pocket.  And that money will just get you a date.  Once she finds out about your short coming, you are going to be shit out of luck.  Maybe she will agree to be your girlfriend if you give her money, pay her bills and buy her presents.  But she won’t let you fuck her.  If you are lucky, she might let you watch when she fucks a real man.  But then again, that is her choice.  And you need to get used to that. I can help you get your mind around it, just call me at 1-888-474-6769.

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Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Phoebe

I am amazed every day by the number of small penis humiliation phone sex calls I get. I had no idea there were so many itty bitty clitty dicks out there. It’s a constant source of amusement for me. It’s so funny when you losers call me and try to prove to me that you could please a woman. Trust me, there is no way in the world that you could ever make a woman happy with a tiny dick like that…unless, of course, she’s laughing at you. And I do that a lot.

small penis humiliation phone sex

If you expect to call me for small penis humiliation phone sex and I will go easy on you, think again. Why should I be gentle with your feelings? I mean, you’re such a loser that you’re paying me to talk about your tiny dick, so I can only assume that you want to be laughed at and emotionally tormented over the fact that your itty bitty clitty can’t do anything sexually for a woman.

We could have some fun by talking about all the household items that are bigger than your dick. I’m not going to go into all of that right now…why ruin the fun before you call? It’s so funny to hear the humiliation in a man’s voice when he realizes just how small his dick is.

We could also talk about how you might as well get used to being a cock sucker. Just because you can’t please a woman with your dick doesn’t mean that you can’t please a real dick with your mouth.

If you think you can handle extreme small penis humiliation phone sex, pick up your phone and dial 1 888 474 6769 and ask to talk to Phoebe. But remember, I’m going to be harsh and I will have absolutely no mercy on you. Talk to you soon!

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Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Sadie

         Does size even  matter ?

You have been hearing about it for years, the rumors about dick size. It is why you called about small penis humiliation phone sex. You have heard women say without hesitation that it matters. On the other hand you have heard some women tell you that it doesn’t really matter. One group of women are telling you the truth and the others are lying, who do you believe? You’d probably like to believe those polite women that tell you about size being unimportant to them. I’m going to do you a big favor and tell you right now it matter, and it matters a lot. It matters to those sweet girls that don’t have the nerve to tell you that your little white dick is useless to them. You might be very attractive, successful, kind and one funny guy but it is of little importance when you’re between the sheets.

Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex

can you satisfy her?

You don’t use your success or your sense of humor to fill a woman’s pussy up, you use your cock. So if you don’t have what it takes to make her feel full two things will happen. First she will be thinking about someone with a big cock when you’re trying to make her cum with what you have. The next thing is that she will find that someone with a big cock and get between his sheets.That stings I am sure, but you might as well know how it is. If you feel your tiny penis twitch at the thought of her taking a big cock inside of her then you’re just the kind of guy that I love having small penis humiliation phone sex with. You can tell me how many inches you’re packing and I will tell you exactly what real women would think about it.


Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Suzanne

I know one thing for sure. I would NEVER let you anywhere near me with that itty bitty thing you are trying to pass off as a dick. I don’t think you know what a dick actually is if you think THAT is one. LOL Oh wow. Maybe you’ve been looking at it under a microscope and that’s why you think it’s big. But trust me when I say that it is not big and that the only thing I will be doing with you is small penis humiliation phone sex.

small penis humiliation phone sex

Don’t act all offended. I know this isn’t the first time a woman has told you that you’re good for small penis humiliation phone sex and that’s it. And the good news for you is that even if you are upset by being humiliated for having a small dick, don’t worry. You’ll get used to it. Eventually you will even be turned on by it. I know that might surprise you, but it’s true. Just trust me on that one.

If you’re a good boy, I’ll even tell you all about how much I love to be fucked by big black cocks and how you are not and will never be good enough for me. But those big black cocks I was talking about? They are good enough for me. They are delicious and those guys fuck me like a real man. You aren’t a real man, so that isn’t something you could ever hope to do. You know that deep down, so you might as well just go ahead and admit it.

Ready for some super mean and nasty small penis humiliation phone sex? Call me at 1 888 474 6769 and ask to talk to Suzanne. Let me help you to realize how pathetic your cock is. I’m sure it won’t take long (pun intended).

Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Robyn

So, I want you to just go ahead and tell me how small your dick is. I already know that it’s embarrassingly small if you’re looking up small penis humiliation phone sex, so don’t be shy. Tell me so I can laugh at you. Yes, I’m going to laugh. You didn’t think that once you were honest with me that it was going to make me horny, did you? There’s not a chance in hell that I would ever get sexually excited by the sight of your dick.

small penis humiliation phone sex

But hey, just because you are disappointing when it comes to dick size doesn’t mean that we can’t have some fun. I think it’ll be fun to hear how you even jerk off. It’s not big enough to wrap your hand around, so I don’t see how you even do it. Do you just rub it like a woman would rub her clit? I’m sure that’s what you do. Or maybe you just hump a pillow or something. Isn’t it sad that a pillow is probably the only thing you’re ever going to get to fuck? Haha!

Another fun thing I like to do is make you compare yourself to my lovers big black cock right before he fucks me. I bet that’s going to make you feel really bad about yourself. I think that’s hilarious. If I have to see that pathetic little thing and be grossed out, then I’m sure as hell going to make sure that you’re as uncomfortable as me. If you’re a really good boy, I might even let you jerk off while you watch me get fucked by that big black cock.

Call me at 1 888 474 6769 and ask to talk to Robyn for small penis humiliation phone sex